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About Us

Our Story

Back in February 2014, a young writer had just completed writing and publishing his first Young Adult (YA) novel, Gods From the Machine. This writer and soon-to-be founder, Andrew Ly, was on the verge of finishing the sequel to his sci-fi/fantasy series when he suddenly put a halt to his book writing endeavors. 

An idea and new dream fell into the picture.

He realized many people were simply too busy in their daily lives to actually seek out books and because of that, they lost out on the joyous fulfillment of reading great literature. The idea that the greatest stories of the past, present, and future could be lost was just too much to bear. Something had to be done. He saw the potential in a business where it was possible to reach out to readers in around a world where technology had caused books to rapidly fall into decline. Then it dawned upon him: 

Books sent straight to a person’s door! Building a consistent readership and community. That was the answer! 

After months of planning and researching (and several name changes), the idea of the 'Uncut Book Box' was finally ready. Then Uncut Book Box officially launched in March 2017 with incredible support from friends, family, and of course, the Young Adult book community.  

Uncut Book Box has barely begun its journey, but it’s on the path to become something truly wonderful. A singular vision to bring books into the hands of readers, to blossom imagination, and spread knowledge is the main goal of our book subscription service. 

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us during the humble beginnings of our venture and those who just got on the ride. We have so many thrilling ideas for the future of Uncut Book Box and we can't to share it with each and every one of you! We thank you, and as we grow, we promise we will continue to do our best to give you all great reads and uncut content.    


- The Uncut Book Box Team    

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